Nikon Z9 Flagship Camera

The new Nikon Z9 Flagship camera will start to ship out December 12 from many retailers in the United States.

The camera industry is a very competitive one, and there are always new cameras being released to the market. In this article, we will discuss Nikon's newest release-the Z9. The Z9 has been dubbed one of the most innovative cameras on the market for many reasons. Most notably because it can record video up to 2 hours long with a single battery charge! Nikon is known for its new Z camera system line, which will release on 12.15.2021. Is loaded with new features.

Nikon has rumored to have already pre-sold over 400K Nikon Z9 cameras. The Nikon Z System also uses the new Z-mount lens standard, allowing photographers to use lenses from other major brands like Canon and Sony with adapters. According to Nikon USA , Nikon will be releasing a new 24-70mm lens and telephoto zoom lenses. Nikon has also developed unique accessories for the Z series cameras to allow photographers access to things like weather sealing, wireless remote release, and more!

The Nikon Z Series cameras are among some of the most innovative on the market today. They have some truly amazing features and Nikon has packed them with a whole lot of technology and innovation. Nikon USA is taking pre-orders for the Nikon Z9 Series starting today!

Nikon Z9 Key Features

  1. 45.7-megapixel stacked CMOS sensor
  2. 120 FPS shooting at 11-megapixels resolutions
  3. 20 FPS full resolution RAW
  4. 30 FPS JPEG continuous shooting
  5. 8K/30p capture with up to two hours of recording
  6. ProRes 422 HQ Option
  7. 8K/60p 12-bit 8K N-Raw 4K
  8. ProRes Raw coming with firmware update Internal 10-bit N-Log and HLG Capture
  9. Dual CFexpress Type B card slots
  10. 3.69M dot OLED EVF
  11. Full electronic shutter (no mechanical shutter)
  12. Rugged body
  13. Support for EN-EL18d, EN-EL18c, EN-EL18b, EN-EL18a, and EN-EL18 batteries

The Nikon Z9 is a flagship camera that is set to take on the mirrorless market. It has exciting features for less than the price of its competitors.

No More Shutter

No more shutter. What does this mean? The industry is going this direction. As we move forward with mirrorless cameras we start finding fewer cameras with actual shutters. Because the rivals have already implemented this technology the Z9 is going to have a mechanical focal plane shutter with a scan rate that prevents what many have seen in other cameras called rolling shutter distortion. This could really distort and affect your photos. Nikon has leveraged the resolution of 45.7MP to reimagine 3D tracking. The autofocus system in the Z9 is designed to track subjects up to 120fps with a restriction of 11MP at 30fps for full resolution in jpg format.

Video Capabilities

The video capabilities of the new Nikon Z9 will support 10-bit 8K 30fs and 4K 120fs from its launch and 12-bit 8K 60fs N-RAW and 4K 30fs ProRes Raw later in a firmware update. Compressed formats are supported too as well. The Z 9 supports H.264, HEVC (H.265), and ProRes 422 HQ recording. The flat N-Log profile is available if you want to take command over color grading. External recorders are supported which is good if you already own any of the Atomos products. The Z 9 includes a full-size HDMI port with clean output which is understandable with the larger body. How about in body stabilization? We get the benefit of having a camera for stills and opportunity to record professional video with editing capabilities. The 5-axis stabilization system is a boon for many handheld photographers and it is much appreciated in those situations where a tripod is unavailable. There is no internal flash which is common with the new models of Nikon has been putting out recently. The external Speed light flash will sync at 1/200-second.

The Z9 uses a body style many photographers have come accustomed to in the professional world. The dual grip camera for landscape and portrait mode is easy to hold and rugged just like the D6. This camera has a full magnesium alloy chassis with extensive dust and splash protection. The image sensor has a new protection system when the lens is removed. The surprisingly sturdy image sensor protection shield protects the image sensor from dust and debris.

The last thing I would like to mention is the tilting LCD. These feature has two axis articulation for low or high angle tripod work. The LCD is touch sensitive and can tilt in the portrait position. No more looking to the side to see your subject.

You can pre-order today Click Here