How to shoot
Antelope Canyon

There is no easy way to photograph Antelope Canyon, but here are some tips on making your photography better

Antelope Canyon is Not easy to photography and you need to be prepared

Here's what you need!

You are going to need the right equipment. Plan ahead, shoot RAW.

Bring the Right Gear

The gear you bring with you is important. It is essential for getting those photos you see in magazines. These photos for the most part are not luck. The right gear can make your photography much easier to help capture all of the canyon's beauty.

What to bring?

  1. Tripod
  2. Camera that can be used in Manual Mode
  3. Air bulb for dust
  4. Mask for dust
  5. Extra Batteries
  6. Water
  7. Backpack

The best time to view the canyons is during the mid day sun. March through October are good months to visit. The mid day sun is from 11am to 1pm. This will give you the best chance for light shining through the canyon and giving you that amazing beam of light you see in many of the photos.

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