Should you consider both or should you use all real photos?

Real Photos vs. Stock Photos Should you consider both or should you use all real photos? There are high quality images that you can purchase called Stock Photographs and Real Photographs.

STOCK PHOTOGRAPHS Stock photographs are geared toward your specific theme and requires less effort to obtain than real photos. Many times Stock Photos are used to start a web page or used as samples of your capabilities or service. There is a myriad of professional photographs that one could choose. Stock photos can be of places, landmarks, nature, events or people that can be sold separately or as a collection. These photos are typically royalty free, however there are some that can be licensed for magazine or commercial use. Stock photos can be a cost effective way for adding photographs to your website without having to hire a professional photographer (Beal, 2018).

REAL PHOTOGRAPHS Real Photos are high quality images dedicated to enhancing your e-commerce or website true visibility with the ability to hone in on a specific market and create market positioning. These photos can also be labeled for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) toward an increasingly competitive website position for keywords. Real photos are photos that require a professional photographer to take high quality photos of your business, product or service. So why hire a professional photographer? These real photos represent the sincerest perspective of your business.

You may license these photos to use in magazines and commercially. Real photos can be individualized. You can also have some input on the creative design. Should you take the photos yourself or maybe a relative with a nice camera? You will always be able to find a friend or relative that recently purchased a camera and want to add to their collection or portfolio, however it is important that the photographer have the education, experience, and technique to properly display your product, service or business. Professional photographers have invested time, money, equipment and software into their craft.

The problem with using stock photos is it could misrepresent your business and give the customer a false sense of what is expected. For example, if you have a stock photograph of food on your website, but that item is not on your menu, people will expect to see something similar and have that on their plate when they go to your restaurant. A true representation of your business will resonate better with customers. When using stock photographs there are a few key issues to consider before using them. Many times there are going to be some licensing restrictions. For stock photographs, you don’t have exclusivity and many times, competition or similar websites will have those same images. Stock photos need to appeal to the masses therefore, it might seem predictable or cliché. This could hinder your ability to promote individuality or competitive advantage. How about a combination of real and stock photos? This is a great way for you to save some money while maintaining an individual approach to your business. We know that stock photos are cheap and ubiquitous. Incorporating Real Photos into areas that target a specific audience can help to maintain the individual perspective you want for your business. As your business grows so can your real photos. We recommend that you use a combination of both stock and real photos when starting out. If you are an established company, you should invest in real photos for your website to set you apart from everyone else. Get company headshots for your team as well as marketing photos. Use of both for smaller business to hone in on that area you are targeting and as you expand your reach and marketing base, create a campaign that includes real photos.

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