Where to take professional headshots in San antonio

by Abel Garza

Grey Bug Photography

Professional headshots in San Antonio are a common request for many professionals in acting, modeling, business, or social media. Headshots are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. First impressions are now focused on how you present yourself both in person and on social media. LinkedIn is a very common area of social media where professional headshots are a must. Applications into certain schools now require you to have a professional headshot. Acting and modeling headshot is essential in getting the job. Most importantly getting a great headshot will set you apart from everyone else. When selecting a headshot photographer, you should consider a few things before making a decision. Look that the photographer’s portfolio.

Communicate with the photographer to help him or her understand what you expect from the headshot. Put together a mood board in Pinterest with some pins that you think convey the look that you are going for. Keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. When looking at the photographer’s portfolio keep some key points in mind. When you are looking the photograph, does it evoke emotion? Does the photograph say something to you? Truth be told, anyone can take a picture of you with a cell phone, but the question is whether the person behind the camera has the experience to coach you into bringing out that headshot that says wow. Communication is key in any encounter and being that your face is going to apply to this situation, it is important to communicate with your photographer the type of headshot you are needing. There are very different positions and expressions needed for certain headshots. For example, acting headshots would require the headshot be close to your face, like on the movie screen whereas, a business headshot will have a portrait look and maybe not so close to the face but show more of the torso. Putting together a mood board in Pinterest is a great way to show the photographer what you want and expect from the shoot. Most professional photographers can duplicate any photo out and giving an example is a great way for you and your photographer to be in sync.

Headshot photographers have invested a lot of time and effort into their craft. For many photographers, they have gone through school, or have extensive training. They have invested thousands of dollars into equipment and location to get the photos that customers expect. Cheaper is not always better when it comes to photography. A good photographer knows the value of their work. They understand that the product, service and personality will outweigh the cheap, inexperienced photographer any day. The better the photographer, the higher the image and production quality. The service of offering faster turnaround times and delivering faster goes hand in hand with top photographers. You get personality and rapport with and experienced photographer. It is true that cameras are ubiquitous and anyone with a DSLR can call themselves a photographer, but customers looking for cheap photographers may lose on value. Cheap is when you don’t care about quality. There are photographers that are willing to help you out and provide high quality photography for lower prices, but most photographers that value their time and craft will not take on the job.