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We get creative with our Family Sessions. Fine Art Family Photo Sessions that capture love, synergy and hope..

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Fine Art Family Photo Sessions

Family photography in San Antonio and surrounding areas

What comes to mind when you think of family photos? If you are older like us, we think of standing up straight, posed like a game of Tetris. We focus on family closeness. We want a feeling of love and togetherness. When we are done with your shoot you will have had fun and feel much closer as a family. These days, family photos are a staple for remembering those days before going off to college. With the advancement in technology we are able to take photography to new heights and create some amazing photos. Grey Bug Photography utilizes off camera flash to create dynamic and dramatic images.

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Our Goal

To bring families closer fun and memorable

Don't settle for cell phones

We will take the time to assess our resources and create photos that will exploit your desired theme. If you want the photographer to just get creative, we can do that too. Whatever your theme, whatever your creative desire, let's get together and make it happen.

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Family photos should not break the bank

Behind the scenes Engagement and Family photography session

Some great reasons to hire a professional photographer
to do your family photos

  1. Experienced photographers are able to utilize resources available in any given location.
  2. You shouldn’t have to settle for a relative with a “nice camera”.
  3. Experienced photographers know how to utilize light to create the best photograph.
  4. Experienced photographers will be able to assess the personal characteristics of each family member and create photos based on those amazing features.
  5. Experienced photographers utilize equipment conducive to obtaining the best photography.
  6. Grey Bug Photography utilizes a proprietary system to obtain the best photos for most situations.
  7. Grey Bug Photography has over 20 years of photography experience.

most common questions when searching for family pictures in san antonio

Where is the best location for my family photos?

Locations for family photography can be challenging especially when there are other people in the family wanting a certain theme for their photos. When shooting, consider that many of the photos are shot tight and background or locations is not as important as being together and enjoying the shoot. Choose a locations where family members are in proximity, open spaces, water, streams, tall grass or nice shaded areas.

Can I use a studio to do my family photos or do they always have to be outdoors?

For family photos we recommend outdoor locations. There is an opportunity to use the studio for family photos due to weather or controlled environment.

Where can I find a photographer for my family photos in my area?

Grey Bug Photography has been doing family photography for many years. We have a system in place to make sure that we are able to get all of the family members looking great in the shot.

What are some great areas to take family photos in San Antonio?

Some great areas to have family photos done are local parks, the Pearl Brewery, Landa Park or downtown San Antonio.

What is the best time to take family pictures in San Antonio?

The best time to take family photos is early morning or later in the evening. Depending on the location you select could determine which is the best time based on sunrise and sunset locations.

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