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Some great reasons to hire a professional photographer to do your engagement photos

  1. Experienced photographers are able to utilize resources available in any given location.
  2. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for price.
  3. Experienced photographers know how to utilize light to create the best photograph for engagement photos.
  4. Experienced photographers will be able to assess the personal characteristics of the couple and create photos based on those amazing features.
  5. Experienced photographers utilize equipment conducive to obtaining the best photography.
  6. Photographers at Grey Bug Photography utilizes a proprietary system to obtain the best photos for most situations.
  7. Grey Bug Photography has over 20 years of photography experience.

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fine art Engagement sessions

The anticipation, the nervousness, the excitement of getting down on one knee and hearing the word, YES! Professing your love, accepting no other person as the love of your life, and knowing that no matter what happens, as long as we have each other, we will be ok. Engagement photography is time honored and freezes time. You will always be able to look back at that moment and remember the feeling you had the love that you feel and reinvigorate those emotions every time you look at your photos. We preserve history. With the advancement in technology we are able to take photography to new heights and create some amazing photos. Grey Bug Photography utilizes off camera flash to create dynamic and dramatic images.

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We Get To Know You

A good photographer for engagement photos will take the time to learn about you, your relationship, and your interests. They'll ask you questions about what you want out of your engagement photos and what you don't. They'll also have a unique methodology that allows them to get the best possible images without forcing anything.

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don't settle for any photographer with a camera

We will take the time to assess our resources and create photos that will exploit your desired theme. If you want the photographer to just get creative, we can do that too. What ever your theme, what ever your creative desire, lets get together and make it happen.

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Engagement photography that evokes emotion

most common questions when searching for engagement photography in san antonio

  • Where is the best location for my engagement photography session?
  • Can I use a studio to do my portraits or do they always have to be outdoors?
  • Where can I find an engagement photographer in my area?
  • What are some great areas to take engagement photography in San Antonio?
  • What is the best time to take engagement photos in San Antonio?
  • What makes a good photographer for engagement photos?

Engagement photography is a great way to capture the love between you and your partner. It can be a fun experience for everyone involved, but not all photographers are created equal! If you’re looking for a photographer for your engagement photos, here are some of the qualities you should look for:

What Separates You From Other Photographers?

A good photographer for engagement photos will have a unique methodology, knowledge of equipment and experience working with clients.

The best photographers know how to capture the moment in an artistic way so that you can look back on your photos and remember how you felt when you took the pictures.

You want to be able to trust your photographer so that you can relax and have fun during your session. A good photographer will make sure that they capture your personalities and love for each other through their pictures.

A professional photographer should also be able to help you choose locations for your engagement shoot that are scenic and interesting but also comfortable for both of you. The perfect location will depend on what type of photos you want and what kind of moods you want to convey in your photos.

The Methodology is Our Own

Every photographer has their own style, but some go above and beyond with how they shoot engagement sessions. A few examples include making them candid (i.e., not posing), shooting outdoor sessions at night or during golden hour, or doing things like telling jokes while taking pictures (yes, really).


We use Off-camera flash: This means using flash instead of relying only on natural light. This is key because it gives you more control over the lighting in your photos without changing the scene where you’re shooting at all. It also allows you to play with shadows and highlights in order to make your images more dynamic and interesting.

Knowledge of Equipment

A good photographer will know how to use every piece of equipment he or she owns — including lenses, flashes and reflectors — in order to get the best possible shot every time.

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