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every Model to feel like a Bombshell!

Fine Art Boudoir Photography

We will take the time to assess our resources and create photos that will exploit your desired theme. If you want the photographer to just get creative, we can do that too. Whatever your theme, what ever your creative desire, lets get together and make it happen.

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Modeling Gallery

Modeling differ from Portraits. We focus on creating models that will leave a lasting impression. Our goal is to evoke emotion and create something unique. No one wants the same tattoo so we find something unique and exploit it.

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Photography that Makes your Life Career

Why choose a professional photographer for your Modeling Photography?

Deeper Understanding. Better Solutions.

  • Experienced photographers are able to utilize resources available in any given location. You shouldn’t have to settle for cell phone photos.
  • Experienced photographers know how to utilize light to create the best photograph.
  • Experienced photographers will be able to assess the personal characteristics of the senior and create photos based on those amazing features.
  • Experienced photographers utilize equipment conducive to obtaining the best photography.
  • Grey Bug Photography utilizes a proprietary system to obtain the best photos for most situations.
  • Grey Bug Photography has over 20 years of photography experience.

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