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Our services. We are fine-art, quinceanera, portrait, business and modeling film photographers from San Antonio, with a special love for natural light.


Professional Headshots San Antonio

Professional headshots separate you from the crowd and take you closer getting to landing that job, or building your network. One of the reasons people get professional headshots is because they want to be taken seriously. If you take your career seriously so should your head shots. These memorable impressions reverberate and show people that you are serious about looking professional.

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Engagement Photography

Fine Art Engagement Photos

Engagement photography is time honored and freezes time. You will always be able to look back at that moment and remember the feeling you had the love that you feel and reinvigorate those emotions every time you look at your photos. We preserve history. With the advancement in technology we are able to take photography to new heights and create some amazing photos. Grey Bug Photography utilizes off camera flash to create dynamic and dramatic images.

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Fine Art Portraits In San Antonio

Portraits differ from headshots. We focus on creating dramatic portraits that will leave a lasting impression. Our goal is to evoke emotion and create something unique. No one wants the same tattoo so we find something unique and exploit it. We will take the time to assess our resources and create photos that will exploit your desired theme.

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Senior Portraits

Fine Art High School Portraits

What comes to mind when you think of senior portraits? If you are older like us, we think of standing up straight, cap and gown or tux and pose for one or two shots and then move on to the next person. These days, senior portraits are a staple for remembering your days in high school and freezing time. Our goal it so make senior portraits

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Event Photography

Event Photographer

Events require an intense commitment to equipment, efficiency and time management. Event photography is essential for documenting. High quality photography requires an excellent understanding of resources. Events are not always the easiest to photograph due to low light or fast moving subjects.

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Family Photography

Fine Art Family Photo Sessions

We focus on family closeness. We want a feeling of love and togetherness. When we are done with your shoot you will have had fun and feel much closer as a family. These days, family photos are a staple for remembering those days before going off to college. Grey Bug Photography utilizes off camera flash to create dynamic and dramatic images.

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Modeling Photography

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Business Development

Corporation Photography

Marketing is essential in business. We will create a promotional video, marketing photos, professional headshots and funnels to direct leads to your business.We will showcase who you are what you do and how you can help your customers through photography and videography. Generating leads is one of the most important marketing results for small business. Creating video and incorporating photography can catapult your business lead generations to the next level.

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Abel Garza

Photographer and Videographer

Many people will come to realize that situations in their life lay the course for who they are and who they become. People who are put into situations that require strength and perseverance, realize how much they can accomplish with some hard work. It has been said that something worth doing, is worth doing right. We only live once, but if we do that right, once is enough. Remember that every day is but a moment, a collection of lives we live throughout the course of our time on this earth. What you do with this time, is up to you."

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